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 Victoria Dickinson   2014-02-14 21:16:38 

Dear Tatiana,

Your work is breatakingly beautiful.  Thank you.  I'm glad I discovered you here on mesart.com .  Keep making your magnificent work!

Best Always,

Victoria Dickinson
 Jill Lowy   2013-12-06 08:10:04 

Hi Tatiana, Hope you are well since we last met at our little cabin at Sivananda Yoga Farm. I enjoyed our stay together and wanted to thank you for taking me to Durga Temple.   Shanti, Jill     Love you paintings! I think Joy is my favorite.
  krishnan kailasnath   2013-11-15 08:17:33 


how are you?
 Girlstock   2012-06-07 13:23:56 

Hello Tatiana,

This is Amelia Lewis and I am honored to have been asked to co-curate (with Meai Flowers) Girlstock 2012! Please check the link and blurb below.

Girlstock is a wonderful cause and a great party to boot!  I am writing you in the hopes you would like to be part of the show as well as donating one of your works for the cause.
This years show, with a live art auction; will be held at the Incline Gallery located in the heart of the Valencia Street Corridor.
 krishnan kailasnath   2012-01-31 04:30:27 

i am really happy to see your wonderful works.
 Terry   2011-03-25 14:05:43 

Your etchings are so wonderful, mysterious and beautiful.  I stumbled across one of them (Rain & Reflections) one day while I was at work.  I could not stop thinking about it.  I love it so much.  
 Sabine grand   2011-02-08 18:51:30 

Hi Taty,
I really like "Creation". Do u have a price for it?

Your Saby

 Gilda   2010-09-11 10:01:36 

Hi Tatiana, your images are really beautiful and touching.
Thank you,
 Nikoloz   2008-11-24 15:55:40 

Hi Tanya,
Just stopped by to say "Hello!" My coworker just came by and saw your postcard on the wall of my cube and asked me about you and your work... and only then I realized that there's a web address printed on the card too! So here I am!
With whole lot of love,
Nikoloz and Aida.
 Kristen   2005-10-17 13:15:03 

Dear Tatiana:  I feel so privileged to know you and to enjoy your artwork very much.  Since meeting you at one of your shows a few short yars ago, you have been such a good and dear friend.  You are and will forever be a very dear friend for me.  I absolutely love your artwork and will continue to acquire more pieces over time.  With love and admiration, Kristen

 Adejare   2005-06-12 02:53:00 

Nice work.
 Regina Stadnik   2004-10-25 14:59:30 

Tanya, It was good to meet you at the open studios Saturday. Your work is lovely. I've been looking at the site. Did not realize you were a fellow designer as well as fellow printmaker.
Allbest, Regina
 tatyana ptashkina   2004-09-05 13:06:19 

Tanya,privet! I like your work. Dream is my favorite. I hope to see your art in our salon soon.
 elena zolotnitsky   2004-07-21 11:46:28 

Privet Tan'ya. We've met yesterday at the workshop. I've been checking out the fellow artists and your artwork, which is very nice. We'll chat more on Friday, yes?
 Amy Bates   2003-06-27 15:12:18 

Dear Tatiana - could you please contact me regarding your etching called Dream?
Thank you,
Amy Bates
 Sabine Grand   2003-01-22 12:12:36 

I love "Mary Go Around"! And I don't forget about you...never! Love and all the best for 2003. Saba
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