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Tatiana Lyskova is a gentle, subtle artist who brings into reality the innermost world of her soul and imagination. From winged lions to house cats, from butterflies to birds, from angels to people, this world consists of the most unusual, the most magical, the most unique. With girls catching seagulls in butterfly nets, fairy flowers blossoming from the thoughts of children and men becoming as tall as the Tower of Pisa, Tatiana's images serve as a portal to our own memories, dreams and desires. But above all, her images inspire joy and admiration of our sometimes strange, sometimes ironic, yet always beautiful existence.

Life for Tatiana is a natural combination of reality and fantasy, rationality and spontaneity, clarity and mystery.  The boundary between the extremes is light and fluid, almost transparent, and everything is intertwined and mutually dependent. The inner world, the world of thoughts, dreams and emotions is as real as the outside world in which we reside and art allows the possibility for these feelings to manifest with completeness and accuracy. The smallest gradations of feelings, sensations of fragility and ethereality of the soul's movement, the combined images of fantasy and everyday life - all is expressed with one of the most complex techniques in printed graphics - the etching.

The zinc plate does not allow for corrections, thus requiring the composition to be clear-cut from the beginning. On the other hand, the spontaneity of the printing process can mitigate this rigid condition. The etching technique called "a la poupee" is in many respects improvisational, allowing for the creation of vivid and dynamic compositions.
In this technique, even when printing from the same plate, each edition is unique in its color richness and mood.
Using light, flexible, exquisite lines, often combined with short, confident strokes Tatiana sketches silhouettes of her unusual characters and fills backgrounds with linear open-work, introducing color sometimes guardedly, other times actively. This allows for a level of ornamentation yet never diminishes the substantial meaning of her work.

At first glance everything is simple in Tatiana's etchings: one or two personages, the absence of concrete action, a sketchily depicted environment in which the characters are placed. The lack of excess detail does not however simplify the content of the work. Unusual perspectives, unexpected juxtapositions and diversity of compositional construction allow for multiple layers of meaning to exist within the same image. A winged lion - a lion angel, well disposed and soft - protects a girl. Living in her imagination, he allows her not to feel totally defenseless in the harsh world of reality. A strange woman walks down the road dressed in mismatched stockings, hiding herself under an umbrella, or rather trying to shield herself in a futile way. Her broken, twisted silhouette intertwines with the winding rhythm of the road, trees, and a house cat running past.

In Tatiana's works not everything can be phrased neatly into words, there is always something that can only be expressed by means of the visual. And this something creates a mood, evoking within us a soft smile reminiscent of our childhood feelings, when everything around us was cozy and enticing, when everything called forth in us unusual delight.
Recently Tatiana started working more and more in the medium of painting. This technique allows her many possibilities for interpreting her favorite themes
in a novel way. Her interests in art history vary widely, from the High Renaissance and Rembrandt to Modigliani and Art Nouveau. But her favorites remain Gustav Klimt, Marc Chagall and the Naive Realists. Tatiana absorbs the plasticity of varying styles and movements, which provide her with a high level of culture and expertise, yet she avoids directly following rules of any single method of making art. Instead she prefers discovering her own solutions and her own unique way of expressing her ideas.
The soulfulness and lyricism of Tatiana Lyskova's work always attracts attention, since it touches upon our innermost feelings, which we often hide from others. Yet it is essential that we ourselves are able to explore them and Tatiana's work offers us an invaluable opportunity to do exactly that.

Galina Tuluzakova, Ph.D Art History
Expert in Nicolai Feshin and Contemporary Russian Art
Fulbright Scholar 2003
Deputy Director, The State Fine Arts Museum of
The Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia

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