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The Art of Tatiana Lyskova

Sunshine and Happiness - The Art of Tatiana Lyskova

The world of paintings by Tatiana Lyskova leads the viewer into the world of light and hope. The artist populates her paintings with girls and young women happily exploring and actively but gently interacting with their surroundings. These females symbolize
pure energy, a creative potential that is about to unfold in front of our eyes,
it is a beginning of a story, a promise of more to come.  

The heroines of Tatiana Lyskova’s images often engage with the mythological and fairy tale creatures and it is up to the viewer to decode the subtle symbols and references alluded to by the artists. The paintings are filled with light and movement, the background vibrates with the energy, the hues are bright and airy, indicating that
this is a happy story, no darkness lurks in the corners.  

The animals in the pictures appear to fully manifest the meaning of the word "anima"-soul.  They are "familiars", helpers and soul-mates, rather than antagonists to the heroines.  These are the friendly animals in a petting zoo, rather than sexually-charged Minotaur in its Labyrinth. The images created by Tatiana Lyskova instill the message
that all is well in a sunlit world full of fairy tale adventure that entertains and assures
a happy end.

~ By Irina Vlassova-Place, PhD

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